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Upcoming Events


WHEN THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC LEADS TO SILENT PRAYER   This series of Tuesday Evenings is an invitation into silent prayer using music as the doorway.  Each week a chosen piece of classical music will touch us into the spiritual and ultimately into a sense of the sacred. No previous knowledge of music is necessary. We simply allow some of the finest music to soothe the soul and to lead us into the place beyond words. Begins - Tuesday 5 March  for 5 weeks  Time  7:45 pm - 8:45 pm.  Venue - Thornhill House 121 Culmore Rd, Derry BT48 8JF    Suggested offering £7  Each evening is stand alone.  

LENT FROM SCRATCH - A support for those  involved in parish litugy preparation  

 A 2-unit 'scratch course' in appreciation of Lent. This is designed to help individuals/groups sense the nature of the Season of Lent, lenten signs and symbols, the beauty of different aspects of the season and a chance to look at samples of good practice in relation to plannng and supporting the Liturgy.   Dates - Option A:  Mondays 4 & 11 March  Time  8:00 pm - 9:15 pm. Option B: Tuesdays 5 & 12 March Time  10:30 am - 11:45 am.We are very happy to host this course at Thornhil House, but should a parish prefer we come to a more local venue and perhaps invite neighbouring parishes to get involved, we are easy with that too. Just get in touch!


 Fr Paschal with Sr Perpetua leads two 'Oasis Days' of reflection, dialogue with the reality of the human condition, processing of experience and prayerfilled meditation. Monday 4 March: "Jars of Clay."  Monday 15 April: "Everything Belongs."

(Acceptance of our flawed, fragile and beautiful self; holding the contradictions; recognising God's love that redeems us into wholeness) Booking is essential.    Venue - Thornhill House 121 Culmore Rd, Derry BT48 8JF Dates - Mondays 4 March & 15 April  Time: 9:30 am - 2:15 pm. Suggested offering £20 per day. Day includes Eucharist and lunch.


 The Promise Card is available now. It is a very simple, yet practical way of "doing something" for Lent. By scratching off the date, a daily task related to the traditional Lent-keeping activities ... to pray, to fast, to give is suggested. There is also a direct (if sometimes subtle) connection with the rhythms of the Church's Liturgy, yet the Card appeals also to those less church-going who still wish to keep Lent. Cost of card is £1 each. In supporting our card, you are also contributing to the work of Thornhill Ministries for which we are deeply grateful.  Thank you.

JESUS - TEACH US TO PRAY   This programme takes us into the mystery of the mind and praying heart of Christ as we encounter Him through the Gospel of Luke. As we make ourselves available to the Holy Spirit at work in Christ and consequently in us,  we will pray  our way into Christ's experiences, His sense of purpose, His identity. This course is designed for those already familiar with Ignatian Spirituality and methods, who seek to go deeper still into Scripture prayer. It will specifically draw on imaginative and contemplative prayer. Apart from moments of input, much of the morning will be in silence (including the coffee break).   Begins - Thursday 28 February for 6 weeks  Time  10:30 am - 12:15 pm.  Venue - Thornhill House 121 Culmore Rd, Derry BT48 8JF   Suggested offering £10. There's the customary bowl of soup to finish off the morning to which all are welcome.   

"DIGGING RETREAT: Through the poetry of Heaney we dig into our own unearthing   T

A Retreat experience that holds the experiences of life in the context of the journey. Drawing on the poetry of Heaney, we will take a few hours on one of the days to visit the Homeplace in Bellaghy, and in the other days, we will visit some themes from Heaney's pen, visit our own capacity to write creatively and in so doing bring prayer and process  to these days of Retreat.

Faciliators Sr Perpetua and Mary Murphy. More details to follow shortly.

Begins - Wednesday 29 May 6:00 pm  Concludes   Sunday 2 June 1:00 pm

ART JOURNALLING:'The Seasons of the Heart.' Limited to 10 participants. Only a few places left!

Using simple art exercises for self expression and self reflection, these seasonal sessions are an invitation to listen to where the gestures of the seasons are being called forth in our lives,. This process of art journalling is supported by the colour system of Aura-Soma (R)      Spring: Saturday March 9th 2019 - The Call to Awaken

Practical Matters

No previous training in art required. All materials are provided. Clothes that you are comfortable getting an accidental splash of colour will enhance enjoyment. Each day is stand alone. Suggested Donation £40 per day includes materials, refesments and lunch.

Booking is essential. Timeline for Journalling workshops is 9:30 am - 4:00pm Facilitator: Oonagh Campbell RSM  (Art - Well-being fo ALL)  Venue: Thornhill House, 121 Culmore Rd BT48 8JF


TO LEAD OTHERS IN SCRIPTURE PRAYER:   Thornhill Ministries is currently offering a bespoke training programme for those open to the possibility of leading a half-hour Scripture Prayer Group in their parish. This is a 5-unit training course and choice of dates of forthcoming Training Programmes is listed on our Prayer Guidance page of this website.

PARISH LITURGY TEAMS  See Parish Support Page for details of latest initial trainng programme.


THORNHILL MINISTRIES' PRAYER SHAWL A team of people have been commissioned for a new aspect of our Ministries. The team members are committed to weaving shawls from wool and from prayer. They share in a contemplative prayer formula, praying as they crotchet our bespoke shawl. The shawls are of a specific design and the completed shawls form a mantle of prayer for those who are gifted with one. There is a blessing of new shawls on the 1st of each month. Prayer Shawl Ministry convenes each Thuursday in Thornhill House. Ideal for those who feel they would like to be wrapped in the comfort of prayer and especially meaningful for those who are sick, the shawls are available at the suggested offering of £25. 









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