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As the Year of Mercy moves into its last month, in our mind's eye, we visit again the logo that was commissioned to carry the impetus of the theme.

I invite you, if possible find a copy of the image and to take time in prayer before it.

See again, the shepherd-Christ carry us on His shoulders. See again the closeness of Christ to the sheep-person. And - for a moment - ponder the 'seeing' part because in the logo, Christ in intimate connection with the person, shares the vision of mercy.

"Lord, that I may see" said the blind person in the Gospel. "Lord, that I may see" says the person trying to embrace the challenge and the grace of mercy in their life.

I also invite you to search out an 'oval' shaped mirror somewhere that will allow you to look at yourself through this almond-shape. In so doing, allow yourself to be the icon of the Year of Mercy. The medallion of the icon permits us a moment of pause, to see our life through the prism of mercy.

And so we pray . . . . Mercy as the story of our lives


Be Merciful Like the Father


With tenderness: I touch key moments of my journey

With brailled fingerings: I discover again the traces of experience

With compassion towards my truth: I breathe acceptance on life's story

With openness to mercy: I gaze at the mirror of life

and in reflection I see the lined witnesses

of hope and laughter

of struggle and times of doubt

of all that tells the story

of a simple pilgrim

who - following Christ - hears the call

"Be Merciful like the Father."


(Sr Perpetua)

COME AND SING Saturday 12 November

For all those involved with music in the parish, this event will be an opportuinity to sing through some new and some older material to help resource Church musicians throughout the diocese with appropriate music.

Pre-Registration (with number attending) NO LATER THAN Wednesday 9 November is essential to ensure there is enough music available for participants. TIME: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm VENUE: Thornhill Convent Cost: £10 per person.

WALKING INTO THE STORY: A Festival of Cribs Friday, Saturday & Sunday 25, 26 & 27 November

Marking the beginning of Advent, this Festival of Cribs is an opportunity to walk into the Story of the Nativity, in appreciation of how other countries and cultures celebrate Christ’s birth. The array of cribs will form a reflective walk-through and a reflection corner will allow visitors a moment to pause to hear the nativity narrative in poetry and prose. Refreshments, a small number of seasonal gifts and cards will be available for sale.

This is also a fundraising event for our work at Thornhill Ministries and we would be glad of support.

School Groups by arrangement on Friday and Monday. Please phone 71351233

DATE: 25,26,27 November VENUE: Thornhill Convent

TIMES: Friday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Saturday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


Wondering about where to buy cards that point to the true meaning of Christmas? - We have created two designs, sold in packs of 6 and available at our administration base at Thornhill Convent, 121 Culmore Road. Each pack is £3. It is a simple way of spreading the message of Christmas and a way of supporting our Ministries, for which we would be very grateful. Thank you



A Jubilee Year in the Church brings many graces. The Year of Mercy has been a blessed time for so many. The Year officially concludes on 20th November and, as it does, many throughout the world will engage in the 9-Day Novena Prayers which begin on 11th November. A Prayer Vigil to mark the beginning of the novena for the close the Year of Mercy is being held in St John’s Church, Swatragh. The Vigil begins at 7:30 pm. Specific prayers for various needs will be prayed at half-hour intervals. The vigil concludes with Eucharist at 11:30 pm. Thornhill Ministries Team is supporting the Parish Pastoral Council in this endeavour. The Parish of Granaghan will be very happy if as many parishioners would participate in this Vigil but that others too from the surrounding areas would join with them at this very special time of prayer. All welcome.



Grief does not happen in straight lines or according to a timetable. Even when we think we are 'getting over' a loss, we can be ambushed by something that triggers our emotions. Grief works in a sort of spiral, drawing us back to the pain of loss in unexpected ways. In these two evenings, we will get the opportunity to explore the spiral of grief, to attend to what is going on for us deep within and to touch into the learning to live again in a new reality that is part of the processing of our grief.

This two-part seminar will be on benefit for anyone carrying the pain of a loss of any kind. (

Please note : If you have very recently been bereaved, this may be a little too early for you)

DATES: 14 & 21 November TIME:7:30 pm - 9:30 pm VENUE: Thornhill Convent House FACILITATOR: Bairbre Cahill

Suggested Donation:£10 per night


QUIET MOMENTS of MEDITATION Wednesday Mornings (Current)

With artwork, classical music and a fragment of Scripture, this series of gentle morning meditation moments offers support to those seeking to develop their capacity for stillness and contemplation. TIME: 10:30 am - 11:45 am Thornhill Convent House Suggested Donation:£5


LET THE LANDSCAPE SPEAK Thursday Evenings (Current)

Drawing on the poetry of O Donoghue and Heaney, Mary Murphy facilitats the dialogue between the landscape, the Author of all of Life, the poet and ourselves. DATE: Thursday Evenings October & November VENUE: Thornhill College TIME: 7:30pm Suggested Donation:£5


'LADY SO STILL AND MAN OF SILENCE': Advent: Mondays 28 November & 5 December

Advent Mornings with a focus on Mary and Joseph are a gentle offering for those who seek quiet reflective time in this holy season. Held in Thornhill Convent, the mornings begin with a cuppa after 10:00 am Mass in Culmore.

VENUE: Thornhill Convent TIME:10:30 am - 12:00 - Suggested Donation:£5



Advent Retreat Day on this special Feast Day. The retreat content will include Morning Prayer, Mass, guided reflections and time for personal and communal prayer. VENUE: An Grianan Hotel, Burt TIME: 9:30 am - 1.45 pm Suggested Donation: £25

TAKING ANOTHER TABLET - The lively discussion group on Church matters convenes again in Steelstown on the Second Wednesday of each month for an hour. Conversation emanating from articles, commentaries, current points of interest. Come on! At least you'll get a coffee and some food for thought. All welcome. Small donation towards the room hire, a coffee and the most stimulating conversation of the month!

DATE: Wednesday 9th November TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 noon VENUE:The Conference Room, Steelstwon Church Suggested Donation:£2

LITURGY PLANNING Series 1 - These workshops support Liturgy Teams (parishes, schools or other groupings) in developing liturgical practice, creative liturgies and Liturgies within and without the context of the Eucharist. For further details on where and when, please contact Thornhill Ministries directly.

GUIDED PRAYER - For information on this aspect of our Ministries, please see the dedicated webpage.

For parishes interested in a week where parishioners experience being guided in scripture prayer on a one-to-one basis, please see details

TRAINING: NEW PRAYER GUIDES - A training course is scheduled to begin on Monday 9th January 2017 with the first of the eight retreat days

PILGRIMAGE RETREAT in THE HOLY LAND - Having just returned from an amazing pilgrimage in the Holy Land, we catch our breath and wish to honour the experience by resting in the dynamic of prayer-filled meditations in the holiest of sites.

September 2018 is the next of our Pilgrimage Retreats to Holy Land. To secure your place, please contact us Deposit = £250. Suggested (optional) monthly payment of £120






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