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'May' - Are you a 'Mary' who, having lost your 'r'

now finds yourself with shortened name?

'May' - Are you a month that celebrates the grace-filled one

who taught us to respond?

'May' - Are you permission sought or permission given

to free another in request?

'May' - Are you possibility or potential

to fuel speculation and capacity?


In this maying month, each time

I pass the bluebell or see the buttercup

let me honour the 'Mary' women

whom I've known through all my days;

let me honour permissions, possibilities and potentials.

And above all else,

let me honour the Lady of the May

- Nazareth's Mary - who the world has come to know

- Virgin Mary - on who's permission humanity and God depended

- Gentle Mary - who's humble 'yes' changed history forever.


Upcoming Events


ART JOURNALLING:'The Seasons of the Heart.' Limited to 10 participants. Allocated on booking.

Using simple art exercises for self expression and self reflection, these seasonal sessions are an invitation to listen to where the gestures of the seasons are being called forth in our lives,. This process of art journalling is supported by the colour system of Aura-Soma (R)      Summer: Monday June 17th 2019 - The Call to Allow. 

Practical Matters

No previous training in art required. All materials are provided. Clothes that you are comfortable getting an accidental splash of colour will enhance enjoyment. Each day is stand alone. Suggested Donation £40 per day includes materials, refesments and lunch.

Booking is essential. Timeline for Journalling workshops is 9:30 am - 4:00pm Facilitator: Oonagh Campbell RSM  (Art - Well-being for ALL)  Venue: Thornhill House, 121 Culmore Rd BT48 8JF

AND MARY SAID 'YES': Queen of the May 

 Using flowers and fabrics, the Team at Thornhill present, in a contemplative setting, a celebration of Mary - the remarkable young woman - who responded with openness to her sense of God calling to her. This celebration will closes out Mary's month for another year and allow us to  affectionately recall the great tradition of hosting a 'May Altar' in our homes. Cuppa and traybakes available. 

Sunday 26 May  & Monday 27 May   Time:11:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Venue - Thornhill House 121 Culmore Rd, Derry BT48 8JF    Donation welcome for the work of Thornhill Ministries.  


SPEAK LORD, YOUR SERVANT IS LISTENING - PRIESTS'S RETREAT   Thornhill Ministries welcomes priests from the Derry Diocese for retreat days. The retreat begins 6:00 pm Sunday 19 May and continues through to Wednesday 22 May.  

This retreat is directed by Dr Kieran O Mahoney OSA and will be a reflective engagement with the Word of God with lectio opportunities central to the experience. For further details, please contact Erin 02871351233 or email us on thornhillministries@derrydiocese.org. 

MEDITATION, MUSIC & MUSELI Begin the weekend with the gift of some personal time availing of led meditation, a gentle music offering and an optional healthy breakfast. Saturday 25 May 8:00 am Suggested Offering £15 (inclusive of breakfast)









Welcome to Thornhill Ministries, where our team offers a variety of responses

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