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Recent published variations on the Beatitudes

first given by the Holy One

speak in poetry and rhythms

that please the ear and warm the inner self.


Maybe these alternatives are more palatable

than the challenges offered on that Mount

where Matthew gathered this and that

to share something of the attitudes

that Christ spoke

in the manner of His relating?


And blessing comes in poverty of spirit,

in the mourning and in the meekness.

and in the hunger and thirst for justice.


And blessing comes to the pure in heart

and to the peacemaker

And blessing comes to the persecuted


And in the mutuality of the Christian way,

being in the attitude of Christ

opens pathways

to the very essence of the Spirit

where the other

becomes the one in whom I see my Christ

and in return receive beatitude of love.

(Sr Perpetua)



(Sr Perpetua McNulty)


SUMMER RETREAT "We are Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey" Teillard de Chardin. Friday 10 August (6:00pm start) – 15 August (4:00 pm close)

Each day is themed with meditations and the intersection of prayer-process allowing an opportunity to look reflectively at life’s experiences

Facilitators: Fr Paschal McDonnell OFM and Perpetua McNulty RSM

Resident: £340 Open to Non-residents at a reduced tariff For enquiries/bookings contact secretary@thornhillministries.co.uk

Thornhill House. 121 Culmore Rd., Derry BT48 8JF 02871351233


IMMERSED IN HEANEY : A time to touch into the home place that birthed a new language for the imagination

Thornhill Ministries is providing an opportunity to those who love the poetry of Seamus Heaney, to take a reflective stance in preparation for a visit to the Seamus Heaney Homplace in Bellaghy.

Friday 31 August 'The Essence of Heaney' led by Mary Murphy in Thornhill House

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Saturday 1 September Meeting at Thornhill house to travel to Bellaghy and the Visitors Centre

Leaving at 9:45 am Includes a visit to the burial place of Seamus Heaney's earthly remains.

Suggested Offering :£40 which includes lunch in the Homeplace centre.

Suggested Offering for those who wish to reside in Thornhill House for weekend:£80

For enquiries/bookings contact secretary@thornhillministries.co.uk

Thornhill House. 121 Culmore Rd., Derry BT48 8JF 02871351233


THORNHILL MINISTRIES' PRAYER SHAWL A team of people have been commissioned by Bishop McKeown for a new aspect of our Ministries. The team members are committed to weaving shawls from wool and from prayer.

They share in a contemplative prayer formula, praying as they crotchet our bespoke shawl.

The shawls are of a specific design and the completed shawls form a mantle of prayer for those who are gifted with one.

There is a blessing of new shawls on the 1st of each month. Prayer Shawl Ministry convenes each Thuursday in Thornhill House.

Ideal for those who feel they would like to be wrapped in the comfort of prayer and especially meaningful for those who are sick, the shawls are available at the suggested offering of £25.


FRIENDSHIP LUNCH After the great response to our last Friendship Event, we are opening the House again to any friends who would like to treat themselves, one another, another friend, their mammy, . . . . . to a special lunch in the ambiance of this beautiful house. There will be a moment when we stop just to have a quiet prayer in gratitude for the gift of friends in our lives. A real date for the diary for those who enjoy going out for lunch and who just want to say 'Thank You' to their friend or family member/s!

Saturday 29 September 12;00 for 12:15 Suggested Offering £20pp Booking essential 71351233 or secretary@thronhillministries.co.uk


THORNHILL FRIDAYS The Oratory at Thornhill House is available on Friday mornings as an oasis of peace. All welcome. Meditation with Exposition of Blessed Sacrament: 8:00 am. - 11:30 am. Sung Morning Prayer 8:20 am. Mid-Morning Prayer: 11:20 am. Tea/Coffee facilities available for those wishing to have a refreshment break at any time. Feel free to come for any length of time. Your praying presence is a blessing on the House.


HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE RETREAT: This trip to the Holy Land is specifically designed to allow pilgrims the opportunity to pray at and absorb the spiritual reality of the sacred sites as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus. There will be preliminary meetings to help prepare for and maximize the experience of this unique and alluring place where the very stones and soil, the landscapes and mountains, the terrain and water play their part in making this land 'holy'.

Details: 9 Nights (4 in Jerusalem, 5 in Galilee 10th October Cost £1,640 fully inclusive of transport Derry/Dublin Airport All meals included Christian Guide Full spiritual programme Price inclusive of tips etc.







Welcome to Thornhill Ministries, where our team offers a variety of responses

to those who hunger for meaning... for God...

We provide opportunities for reflection and for deeper exploration.

The Word of God is at the heart of our ministries as we strive towards an integrated spirituality.


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