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And in the stillness, I hear  . . . 


'Come to me' He said  

with the promise of a resting

that will ease my burden. 

'Come follow me' He said 

with a promise of a living

that will fulfil me.

'Come away to a lonely place' He said 

with a promise of encounter.

And in the stillness

I hear the whisper of His love.


'Come to me' I say 

with a longing for His presence

that will offer peace

'Come to me' I say 

with a praying for consolation

that will reassure. 

'Come to me' I say 

with a seeking of His wisdom 

And in the stillness,

I hear the comfort of His silence

breathing the blessing of His love.

(Sr Perpetua) 








Welcome to Thornhill Ministries, where our team offers a variety of responses

to those who hunger for meaning... for God...

We provide opportunities for reflection and  for deeper exploration.

The Word of God is at the heart of our ministries as we strive towards an integrated spirituality.

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