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Melody of Presence


We trundle along week after week

day after day

moment by moment

seemingly unconsciously 

moving through our lives


We begin again to find new rhythms

in Covid days that call us

to create patterns of connections

and begin the making-meaning

that gives purpose and direction. 

And still the Great God issues the invitation

to each of us who hear Love's silent music  

when acts of kindness

or patient countenance

play a melody of presence 

that lingers in the soul

reminding us of God, the Living God


(Sr Perpetua) 



Due to pandemic-related restrictions, Ministries' engagement has been significantly reduced for the time being. However, we are open to, and glad to be creative in finding ways to respond to needs of parishes and groups as requested.  


PILGRIMAGE OF REMEMBRANCE: From 2 November and for the entire month, Thornhill Ministries' Team presents a 'Pilgrimage of Remembrance' for the Parish of Clonleigh, Lifford. Using a range of media and decor,  interpretatations of verses of Psalm 23 expands St Patrick's Parish Church in Lifford into a place of private reflection, prayer remembrance and the honouring our beloved departed relatives and friends. In accordance with the need for physical distancing, the Church buildng will be open daily, from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm for this meditation.

Please note, on Sundays the Church is not open until 12:30 pm

Opportunity to make a donation will be provided.   

MEDITATION & PRAYER: Mondays & Fridays of October, (8:00 am - 8:45 am) Thornhill Ministries invites you to an online gathering. Please email   thornhillministries@derrydiocese.org   to get the zoom invite and simple instructions on how to log on.

LEADING THE LITURGY OF THE WORD: Training in Leading the Liturgy of the Word for those involved in Parish Ministry. Ideally suited to members of a faith community who already serve their parish in proclamation of the Word of God. This preparation programme will allow participants to appreciate the profound gift that the Scriptures offer in nourishment and communal prayer in keepng whith the Universal church. 

Module 1: Wednesday Evenings 8:00pm - 9:00 pm. 7, 14, 21 & 28 October

Please email   thornhillministries@derrydiocese.org   to get the zoom invite and simple instructions on how to log on. Please note that meeting on 7 October is an introductory meeting, establishing the group, explaining the rhythm of the training and assessing the needs of participants - all of which will ensure the training is tailored to needs. Suggested Donation 25stg

Members of Thornhill Team are also willing to deliver training in a Parish Church or Hall that will allow all to feel safe while adhering to physical distancing, hand sanitizing and mask wearing as required. 







Welcome to Thornhill Ministries, where our team offers a variety of responses

to those who hunger for meaning... for God...

We provide opportunities for reflection and  for deeper exploration.

The Word of God is at the heart of our ministries as we strive towards an integrated spirituality.

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