He looked up not down

In full view of everyone

they held her in her sin;

they made her stand exposed

baiting Him to condemn.

He bent down to write

as one who knew the irony

of tabletted commandments

held precious by those with stones. 

It mattered not what He had written

but that He would look up not down

and in His questioning He helped her say

that no-one had condemned her.

Jesus, Teacher, Brother, Friend

compassioning me with blessing

when in a moment's truth 

my weakness is uncovered

and You clothe me in the dignity

that I too am Child of God.  

(Sr Perpetua) 



Prayer Guides lead a time of meditation and pondering with a short text from Scripture.

This is gift time of connection to your God this Lent. Join us on Monday 7:00 pm via Steelstown Parish webcam Through an atmosphere of mediation we go to this desert space within, where God's Spirit's speaks in and to us. This Monday, we use the following nourishment.

The Lord has given me a disciple’s tongue.
So that I may know how to reply to the wearied
he provides me with speech.
Each morning he wakes me to hear,
to listen like a disciple.
The Lord has opened my ear.
The Lord comes to my help. I know I shall not be shamed.

LENT OASIS HOUR : 'Listening and finding meaning as we walk the Lenten path.' 

Oasis III with Fr Paschal 

This is a unique blend that helps us move into the deep well within. 

This hour is a mix of contemplation, input and personal reflection. . .  An encouragement to 'listen' to our own experiences and to the ancient wisdom as we ponder life's meaning.  All welcome. 

Saturday 9 April 11:00 am - 12:00 noon A donation to Thornhill Ministries would be welcome but not essential. To recieve zoom details, please text 07736832458 or email thornhillministries@derrydiocese.org

PRAYER AROUND THE CROSS : 'Through His wounds we are healed.'

We lead a Taize-with-Scripture time of prayer intercession for all who are suffering at this time, those we love who are sick or suffering in any way and we pray particularly for those caught in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

Join us in person at Sacred Heart Church Derry Road, Strabane or via Leckpatrick Parish webcam. 

Sundays of Lent 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm. Thank you

LEADING THE LITURGY OF THE WORD: Training in Leading the Liturgy of the Word for those involved in Parish Ministry. Ideally suited to members of a faith community who already serve their parish in proclamation of the Word of God. This preparation programme will allow participants to appreciate the profound gift that the Scriptures offer in nourishment and communal prayer in keepng with the Universal church. For details, please send an email. thornhillministries@derrydiocese.org 


Thornhill Ministries continues to provide formation, training and/or reflection days for those involved in various Church Ministries, serving parishes and other groups. Available for in-person and/or zoom programmes. 

Other Supports and/or Training: Leading worship, Ignatian Prayer, leading non-liturgical group prayer, supervision and accountability in ministry. 

Welcome to Thornhill Ministries, where our team offers a variety of responses

to those who hunger for meaning... for God...

We provide opportunities for reflection and  for deeper exploration.

The Word of God is at the heart of our ministries as we strive towards an integrated spirituality.