To Rest and be Restored


In summer months,

I sense a switching off

that seeks a slower pace. 

It is as if the energy has expired

and there are no longer  

sufficent reserves to meet demands.

In summer months

I sense a 'resting' that restores

when Sunday Gospels retell again 

familiar texts of rejection by one's own, 

the 'take nothing with you' edict 

and the sympathy of Jesus 

inviting us to "come away

to some lonely place

and rest there for a while." 

God of all creation

who knows the sabbath-gift,

be my comfort

in the pasture of my resting

where the tranquil waters 

bathe my quiet, needy soul. 

(Sr Perpetua) 



Thornhill Ministries is open to, and glad to be creative in finding ways to respond to needs of parishes and groups as requested. Available for in-person and/or zoom programmes. 

Support and training: liturgical ministries, leading worship, Ignatian Prayer, leading non-liturgical group prayer, supervision and accountability in ministry. 


** BELONGING IN CHANGING TIMES: A reflective triduum for our time. 

August 23 - 25 Fr Paschal McDonnell (ofm) leads a 3-day personal reflection time for those aware of change, those seeking a faith-path of belonging in our Church that is in re-shaping.  

8:30 am - 9:00 am via Zoom - Communal lectio Morning Prayer 

11:00 am - 12:00 noon via Zoom - Communal Engagement including input, reflection and dialogue.  

Participants are invited to create their own dedicated timeline for the three days and will recieve support prompts for reflection as the process unfolds. An opportunity to shape your own 'retreat days', in exploring connection in the faith tradition and safely holding our questions of belonging.

Indication of interest would be a help to our planning.    

A suggested donation of £30 towards Thornhill Ministries would be welcome      

To register and receive zoom details: Please send an email to secretary@ thornhillministries.co.uk


Geraldine (or another guide) leads us into a time of meditation and pondering with a short text from Scripture. Gift time for self. Gift time of connection to your God. 

Resumes again on Monday 2 August.  Access through Dungiven Parish webcam Blessed Sacrament Chapel Monday evenings 7:00 pm - 7.20 pm  

** AT THE RISING OF THE SUN: Sundays 8:30 am - 9:00 am A gentle faith-keeping via zoom

To honour the Sabbath-sense of Sunday, you are invited to join our gentle, reflective prayertime.

The zoom meeting number is 899 4488 0061 which remains the same each week. If you would like to join please text us for the Passcode detail which will also remain unchanged once you have logged in for the first time. email: secretary @thornhillministries.co.uk / text: 07736832458

LEADING THE LITURGY OF THE WORD: Training in Leading the Liturgy of the Word for those involved in Parish Ministry. Ideally suited to members of a faith community who already serve their parish in proclamation of the Word of God. This preparation programme will allow participants to appreciate the profound gift that the Scriptures offer in nourishment and communal prayer in keepng whith the Universal church. For details, please send an email.



Welcome to Thornhill Ministries, where our team offers a variety of responses

to those who hunger for meaning... for God...

We provide opportunities for reflection and  for deeper exploration.

The Word of God is at the heart of our ministries as we strive towards an integrated spirituality.