Current Guidance

Prayer Guidance Ministry In Practice

"The essential act of prayer is to stand unprotected before God."  Sister Wendy Beckett

Many individuals make contact with us seeking spiritual or prayer guidance in prayer. Through the Ministries a person is put in contact with a Guide/Director.  The Guide and person seeking direction will arrange a weekly/monthly, as is appropriate. 

Some may prefer to become part of a regular group that gathers to pray the Scriptures. Some of the current guided prayer groups are listed below.  No in-depth knowledge of the Bible is necessary.  The focus is on praying Scripture and there is no personal sharing or discussion. The Guides who lead these groups are fully trained and ensure that the norms around Group Guided Prayer are adhered to in all gatherings.

PRAYER GUIDANCE - Where is it available?

In pockets here and there throughout the North West, there are a number of groups with trained Guides involved in leading and supporting people to use the Scriptures for prayer. For individual guidance and other details, contact Thornhill Ministries. Open to anyone wishing to praying with the Word of God


SUPPORT FOR GUIDES - When are the Guides next meeting?

Guides are asked to protect on-going formation dates.

Tuesday 23 October Cluster Meetings

Tuesday 27 November Cluster Meetings

Tuesday 22 January Cluster Meetings

Saturday 23 February Formation Day

Tuesday 26 March Cluster Meetings

End of Year Celebration Details will be posted later Tuesday 21 MAY

Guides! Please remember to make arrangements re your own week of Guided Prayer


There is an 8-day Retreat programme for training in this specialized ministry.

For further details about Prayer Guidance.....    Telephone:  71351233